Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Is WEYW?

Michelle commented on this post and asked the following question:

Now fend for yourself sounds great. What do you have on hand that they can make? YOur kids are the same ages of some of mine but I just dont give them that freedom...though I think its a GREAT idea. I'm just nervous about them eating all the food I'm saving for another meal. So tell me more. Can you do a blog post on it and comment on my blog to let me know? LOL. Asking much of you these days????
Well Michelle, I try to keep basics on hand for these days, and I actually have two pantries. The first one is a normal pantry filled with all the food our family would use on a regular basis. The second pantry is just a small kitchen cabinet where I keep any food that I am keeping for a specific meal, and any extra food that I might buy and stock up on when I find a really good deal on something. The kids know not to eat anything out of the second pantry without asking. I also have an extra freezer in the garage and I keep anything that I am planning to use in a meal in that freezer.
As for what they make, the boys usually end up eating pb&j or a ham or turkey sandwich. Sometimes they'll have a bowl of cereal. Kristen will either make a sandwich (usually grilled cheese on homemade bread) make herself a salad, or make some mac & cheese or ramen noodles. She would also be the one to heat up leftovers. (The boys don't seem to want to cook as much as assemble a meal) I also always have fruit and yogurt in the house and they can help themselves to that.
I try not to have a WEYW night very often, but sometimes life gets hectic and I don't plan ahead as well as I should. Currently Spencer has soccer practice every Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:00 and unless I plan ahead and have something in the crock pot, it's either WEYW for the other kids, or we don't eat until 8:00. (we usually eat around 6:30, so eating at 5:00 is way to early!)
I hope this answers your questions Michelle!


Michelle said...

YES! Thank you. I can see how this could be helpful on those busy days....or really tiring days...or a lazy saturday afternoon.

Brenda said...

Having 2 pantries is such a great idea! It never fails that when I am looking for a recipe ingredient, someone has just eaten it!