Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tree Day

Over at Oh Amanda she's giving away two Christmas cd's, Charlie Brown and Harry Connick Jr.! Now I must say I do love Charlie Brown and all but I have a definite soft spot for Harry. So, Amanda wants to know what puts us in the Christmas spirit.

At our house, the day after Thanksgiving is known as Tree Day. (I'm starting to think we could've come up with a more creative name but I digress...) The day starts when I can finally get everyone up and ready to go (I have three teenagers. They like to sleep.) We head out of town to our favorite tree farm where the hunt for the perfect tree begins. It takes quite a while to all agree on a tree, but finally the decision is made.

Here is the family with our tree. There is A, 13, S is 8, K is 16, Dad holding Mugsy, and J is 18. I don't know why S had to wear the ski mask. After we cut the tree down we hop a ride back to the barn.

Now, after we get the tree wrapped up and loaded on the van, we have to stop and feed the reindeer. His name is Dasher.

Then we head home to pull out all the Christmas decorations and listen to our favorite Christmas tunes while we decorate.

Dad and A work on the outside lights.

Then we order in pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. Taco pizza, cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza. And cinnamon sticks. YUM!

And did you notice the Sunkist in the background? That is another big part of our day. We must drink Sunkist! It is the one and only day of the year that we drink Sunkist. I don't know why, it's just part of the tradition.

So there it is. This is what gets me into the Christmas Spirit. A whole day of trees and decorations, music and laughter, and lots and lots of pizza and orange pop! Hop on over to Amandas to check out other fun ideas for getting into the Christmas Spirit. I hope I win a CD ;)


oh amanda said...

What a great post! I love love love traditions. Like the Sunkist! Your kids will remember that forever. And your pictures--the one of yall decorating the tree looks like a commercial!

Thanks for playing!

Misty said...

what truly fun traditions. I love the simplicity of the name Tree Day because your kids will carry it on. I just think it's perfect!
Congrats on your win :) I love HCJr. too... :) His cd is already on our playlist and playing in the living room!