Monday, April 28, 2008

43 + 1 Day

Yesterday I (gulp) turned 43. I guess I should have blogged about it yesterday, but I just forgot. (I didn't forget that it was my birthday, no I milked that for all I could get, I just forgot to blog about it!)

I had a wonderful day with my family. My husband got me this, this, and this. Is he a great guy, or what! The kids ordered some books from my Amazon wish list but they haven't arrived yet, and they each made me a homemade card. Making cards for birthdays is one of the things the kids have been doing for years, and their cards are my favorite gifts every year.

My husband also showered me with all kinds of yummy treats like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Diet Coke, Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Pieces, and Girl Scout Cookies. Then, we all went out to my favorite restaurant for pizza and cheesecake!

It was a fattening, yet fabulous day!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to 43! It's not so bad. (I've been there for a few months. No new wrinkles yet.)

I'm glad it was fun. And I'm fairly certain that birthday food is not fattening.


Misty said...

Happy Birthday!!!! you certainly deserved to be spoiled, spoiled, spoiled! :)

littlerad said...

Happy Birthday 43 was a good year I remember it well...

I'm tagging you for a Meme A 6 word Memoir of your self check my blog for the rules have fun...