Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kilroy Was Here!

Here's some pictures of A in his school play, he played Joe Kilroy.

Kilroy getting to know his love interest, Gladys.

Kilroy, Gladys and friends sing "Kilroy Was Here"

Kilroy was kidnapped by spies! They try to hypnotize him to get him to reveal secrets!

But Kilroy's too smart for them, he faked being hypnotized and the spies are arrested.

Kilroy and Gladys are reunited!

I was told it was just a "stage kiss."

A and his Grandfather.

Grandpa was so proud to see A on stage in his uniform!

We are so proud of A! He did such an amazing job. After the last performance the director gives out awards and A won Best In Show!

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littlerad said...

That is great, I love to see a great actor do a great job, I can see his Grandfather was very happy and proud of him...
I'm glad it went so well...