Friday, April 11, 2008

Opening Night!

Wow. Am I the laziest blogger or what? I haven't posted all week.

Yesterday we got to see A's first performance in his middle school play.

Doesn't he look handsome? He is wearing his grandfather's uniform from ww2, and it fits like it it was made for him!

K and I helped in the make-up department before their first performance. My goodness, 14yo boys sure do whine about putting on make-up.


Ginny said...

That is so cool that he is wearing his grandfathers uniform, wow amazing. It does look good. I have to say though, I think I might be happy if my 14 year old boy was complaining about make-up, lol. It is so funny at dance seeing all the boys getting the make-up on.

Karen said...

I suppose in today's society, we should be happy if our 14yo boys whine about putting on makeup, huh.

He looks fantastic. How did he do? And welcome back, by the way.

littlerad said...

This is great he looks great, and amazing all together... Boys will be boys, I couldn't get make up my son any time other than when he had to... He is going to be 24 next week and that only thing he does to his skin is have tatoos done on it and wash it...
I hope you have a great week...