Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Gonna Be Quiet At Our House!

I haven't been posting much lately, mostly because I haven't had much to say. I've really got to bet better at this whole blogging thing.

Anyway, tomorrow Andrew and Kristen are going away for nine days. Our local Campus Life group puts together a production each year where the kids sing and do skits and give a wonderful presentation of the Gospel. They then go on a tour of different churches.

It just hit me today that they're really going tomorrow and how much I'm going to miss them! It's going to be very quiet around here until they get back.

Please keep them in your prayers, that they will have a safe and fruitful trip.

Thank you!



Tracy said...

Oh! I know just what you are going to be feeling. What a wonderful cause, though! I pray that the Lord paves their way and that they have a great experience.

littlerad said...

You are all in my prayers...

Misty said...

That's really cool!