Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Summer Schedule.

When the kids were in school I was very good about getting up at 5:00am, doing my devotions, and making the family breakfast. But since school has been out, I have been waking up when my husband gets up to go to work (around 6:30.) I go down to the kitchen to make Peter's breakfast, and watch the news with him. Then I check my email, update my pod casts, and end up reading a lot of blogs, and maybe writing a post on my own blog ;). By then Spencer is usually up so I feed him breakfast. By now it's after 9:00am and I haven't done my devotions, showered, or even eaten breakfast, and the kitchen is already a mess.

It's not the best start to my day. I end up feeling behind the whole rest of the day!

So, I am instituting a new Summer Schedule for myself. I am not planning on waking up at 5:00am this summer, (I'll start that again in September) but I am going to get up at 6:00am.

Here is what my new Summer Schedule looks like:

9:00pm - (the night before) Program coffee pot to start at 5:50am. VERY IMPORTANT!

6:00 - Wake up
Pour myself first cup of coffee
Spend time reading Bible and praying

6:45 - Make Peter and myself breakfast
Spend a few minutes with Peter before he leaves for work

7:00 - Put away dry dishes from the previous night
load dishwasher

7:15 - Exercise

7:45 - Shower and get dressed

8:15 - Do daily chores

9:00 - Computer time.

I am thinking that this will be a much better start to my day, and I will be much more productive. (Don't worry, Spencer will still be fed breakfast when he wakes up, the older kids usually make their own breakfast in the summer) I am leaving the rest of my day open because I don't want to over schedule myself when the kids are home.

Now it's your turn! Do you change your schedule for the summer? If so, leave me a comment and tell me what works for you! :)


Tracy said...

We put a pool in this year. (After waiting to be sure we weren't moving! ;o) ) It seems to keep the house cleaner. We all get up and I make everyone pitch in around the house. We eat lunch and then swim.

Momala said...


How fun! I would love to put in a pool, but we don't have room in our yard for one. There is an empty lot behind our house that we would love to buy, and if we did but it we would put in a pool. Sounds like your family has a great summer planned just playing in the pool!