Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It's our first real day of summer here at the Momala household. I am spending the day taking A to the orthodontist, and then K, A, and S to get haircuts. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Anyway, I am looking forward to having my kids home for three months. We don't have any major plans since we went on vacation in March.

My only concern is keeping the three teens occupied. K starts her first job on Thursday (JoAnn Fabrics, I wonder what kind of discount she gets?) A is wanting a job, and J really needs a job.

Do you have teens at home? How do you keep them busy over the summer?


Tracy said...

JoAnn fabrics? Great job! I've been wondering about you with all of the wild weather.

Misty said...

That is a great job! ours are working, and doing camp counselor/missions trips... :)

Momala said...


We have had a lot of wild weather here! The High School graduation had to be moved indoors because we've had so many thunderstorms. We've had so much rain that at one point on Sunday night our sump pump was going off every 90 seconds. We are so blessed to have a sump pump, or we would be facing major water damage in our basement!

We finally have a sunny day today and it's so nice to see the sun and a clear blue sky!

asnipofgoodness said...

Lots of good books, trips to the pool and beach, sports opportunities, world view academy, I don't know what else, now you're starting to worry me!!!!! lol