Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why It's Important For Schedules To Be Flexible

My first day on my Summer Schedule was yesterday and all went well. I was able to get almost all of my chores done in the morning, the only thing I didn't get to was vacuuming the living room. BTW, the schedule I try to follow for housework is Motivated Moms.

Today I am rescheduling most of my chores to tomorrow as Spencer, John and I will be spending the day with my parents and my nephew.

Wait a minute, tomorrow is our anniversary and Peter will be home.

OK, I will be rescheduling most of today's and tomorrow's chores to Thursday.

I will have a free day on Thursday to catch up on housework, but in the meantime I will be spending today and tomorrow being with family. And isn't that more important than being too rigid with my schedule?


Tracy said...

YEP! Your priorities are straight!

Misty said...

we all love clean homes, but it's important to remember that life is a higher priority...

Good for you!