Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Man Knows What I Like

My husband made it home last night about 8:00 and we are all sooo happy to have him home! He came home with bags of stuff for me and the kids. This was what he brought home for me. Eight British home magazines, fifteen fat quarters, a lovely floral mug and a cute tin of German chocolate.

I didn't get pictures of the t-shirts, key chain, mugs, more candy and all kinds of other goodies he brought home for the kids. They just don't get my need to take a picture of everything so I can blog about it!

We are in the midst of a huge snow storm here, (the kids have a snow day) so I think I'll make some coffee and settle down to enjoy my magazines!

1 comment:

Edna said...

Holy cow your husband knows how to bring home good presents! Way to go husband!
Grandma Henke