Friday, February 15, 2008

My Girl Is 17!

I was told from day one of my second pregnancy that the men in my husband's family have boys. My husband has four brothers (and one sister) His two oldest brother's had all boys. "Don't even think about having a girl," they said, "the men in our family have boys."

But I had a feeling. I really felt that this baby was a girl. I had an ultrasound. The doctor thought that it might be a girl, but it was too early to tell for sure. And still everyone said I wouldn't have a girl.

I went into labor on Valentines Day. I was really hoping to have a Valentines baby, but she had a mind of her own. After a twenty hour labor, at 11:30am on February 15th, I heard the doctor say "It's a girl!"

Today she's seventeen.

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!

She's having a sleepover tonight with her friends. There will be lots of giggling, singing, junk food, makeup, girly movies, chinese food, and candy...... and very little sleeping!


Misty said...

she is stunning!

Tracy said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl!

Karen said...

Happy birthday to her! Your house sounds like mine tonight (except it's boys. I don't think they giggle as much). Oh well, soon they'll be gone and we will miss those noises. Enjoy!