Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snowstorm of '08 - The Aftermath

Here's a large snowdrift over the front door.

The snowplow knocked our mailbox off its post.

This is the mound of snow on our corner.

Another view of the garage.
My husband cleared a path for the dog.

In all we got 18" of snow. The kids are home again today. My husband is working from home because the highway is blocked this morning. The news said that up to 1000 cars were stuck on the highway between the Illinois state line and Madison last night. They are still working to get that clear this morning.

I am so thankful that my husband made it home safely from work yesterday. He left work at 1:30, but if he had left any later he could have been stranded all night on the highway.


Anonymous said...

Momala...I love your are the Show Choir competitions progressing....we were in Piqua, OH over the wekend...the kids did well....

Alabama and snow just dont' mix...I woudl lvoe to see a big snow...enjoyed the pics...



Tracy said...

Thanking God that your husband is safe, and that you are all home together.

That's alot of snow! I miss those days in a way. Being from PA, we got lots, but since moving to the south, we haven't gotten any this year.

Karen said...

It still looks gorgeous to me. So fresh. I guess that will change after a few days. We are all mud and yuck here.

dcrmom said...

WOW!! I have to say, I'm a tad jealous. Glad everyone's home safely.