Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Heart Pink Cuddl Duds. And Pink Slipper Socks.

Aren't these cute? I got them 50% off at Target! This is why you all are fortunate enough to get a third post out of me in one day - There Is A Ginormous Amount Of Stuff On Clearance At Target!
They had Cuddl Duds on clearance for $1.98! I live in Cuddl Duds all winter long, and now I have a set that not only cost me less than $4 total, but they are pink! Pink Cuddl Duds!
So, take my advice and go to Target. Right now.


stacey said...

these would make great stocking stuffers! never heard of them!

dtr's haircut is sooo cute!

Momala said...


The cute slipper socks that I took the picture of are different than the Cuddl Duds. Cuddl Duds are actually thermal tops and bottoms that you wear under your clothes all winter long when you live in the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin. And nobody wants to see me modeling those. They are usually $8 a piece, so getting them for $2 a piece is a huge deal! I should have been more specific in my post! ;)

50shousewife said...

I love Cuddl Duds and I live in the South! :) I am always cold in the winter. I'll have to look the next time I'm in Target.