Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WFMW - Packing For A Road Trip

Having just returned from Disney World I have traveling on my mind. Thankfully we flew to Florida, but a few years ago we drove down to Alabama for my nephew's wedding.

Packing six people for a six day trip staying at four different hotels was difficult. The last thing I wanted to do was lug every piece of luggage in and out of every hotel. So, instead of each person having their own suitcase or bag for the trip, I ended up packing a bag for each hotel.

For example, I packed one bag for our stay in Nashville, one for Mobile, etc. Each bag contained one outfit for each member of the family. When we left each hotel we would toss our dirty laundry into the same bag, now we didn't have to touch that bag for the rest of the trip. I packed a separate bag that contained all our toiletries. This way we only had to carry two bags into each hotel, the bag with the clothes for that hotel, and the bag with the toiletries!

This really worked for me! After all, it's hard enough to spend six days on the road with four kids in the van.

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The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

Great idea - thanks!

kcbryans04 said...

What a great idea, I will not only be using it but passing it on as well :). Thanks!