Friday, March 7, 2008

Show Choir Update and a Prayer Request

I had a question a few days ago about how our daughter's Show Choir season is going so here's an update.

Our competition season has been going very well! We were First Runner Up at Fort Atkinson WI, and Grand Champions in Brodhead WI! We are going to Cedar Rapids IA this weekend, where we (our family, not the whole Choir) will be eating lunch at Sonic! I can't tell you how excited we are about eating at Sonic. (We don't have Sonic in Wisconsin)

Next week we leave for our big trip to Disney World, and that leads me to my prayer request. We know so many people here who either have had the flu, or currently have the flu, and we are so concerned that one of us will get sick before our trip. So if you happen to think of it, please be in prayer that we (not only our family, but everyone involved in Show Choir) will be healthy for this trip.

Thank You! I'll be sure to post lots of pictures when we get back!


Misty said...

such an exciting time!!! many prayers that health stays with you guys! Drink lots of fresh water and take vitamin c!

Anonymous said...

Momala....oh - yes, my prayers are with you for health....our son had to come home from the Piqua, OH
competition because of the flu....we did not even sit down at the school - turned around and headed home to Alabama....I hope that you all stay well ....Congratulations on your great season -

A Show Choir mom in Alabama

Karen said...

I'm praying for ya'll. I hope this weekend went well and you enjoyed the Sonic. (I guess I'll stop taking for granted the Sonic down the road from us!)

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Hi, I just found your page through it!!

Prayers go up for your health and safe travels!