Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Great Party and A Gaping Wound

Well, the party for S's teacher went great! She was totally surprised and we all had a great time. She loved all the Christmas ornaments too. Thankfully, it all turned out wonderfully! I was quite nervous because I'm not usually an "in charge" type of person. I'm usually more of a "worker bee", you know, tell me what to do and I'll do it, but don't make me decide anything! So, heading up this party was out of my comfort zone, but all in all, it was a great experience!

So, you're asking, forget about the party, get to the "gaping wound" part! OK, OK. S has had this weird bump on his arm for weeks. I have kept meaning to take him in to have it looked at, but never got around to it. At first, we thought it was a bug bite that he was scratching, then it didn't go away, and we thought it was a cyst. So, yesterday afternoon I noticed that it had gotten a lot larger and looked very inflamed and infected. I called and made an appointment with the Dr. for this morning.

In the mean time, S had picked a little bit of it and it was bleeding slightly, so I put a band aid on it. Later in the evening, he took the band aid off and.....lets just say there was some drainage. Lots. I got a cloth to clean it up, and that's when I saw the Gaping Wound. OK I may be exaggerating a little, but honestly, there was a HOLE in his arm! This merited a trip to Urgent Care, which I had to do by myself because my husband is in Mexico on business. Fortunately, when you bring an 8yo boy with an open and oozing wound in to Urgent Care, you get seen rather quickly. He is now on antibiotics, and seems to be healing well.

When we got home from Urgent care, the older boys were quite impressed with S's wound. Apparently, according to my 18yo, "Chicks dig guys with scars"

So atleast he's got THAT going for him.


Misty said...

It's not a Brown Recluse bite? That's exactly what I thought of... Did they explain what it is?

Momala said...

No, they didn't mention a Brown Recluse bite, but I Googled it and his wound and symptoms haven't been anything like that. They are saying it is either a cyst or a skin infection. They did swab the wound because there have been cases with wounds like this that have turned out to be an antibiotic resistant staph infection. We should get the lab results back on Friday. I took him in to the Dr. this morning for a follow-up, and it looks better already. So, hopefully this will clear up quickly. Thanks for your concern! I really appreciate it:)

Tracy said...

I was just about to ask what Urgent Care said. I pray that he is better soon. No gaping holes are ever good.