Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Making Your Home A Haven Challenge: Day 2

Today for Crystals challenge we are to 1-Refresh your Spirit. I did this 1st thing this morning. 2 - take time to plan. Today we are to plan out our day so here is my to-do list:

  1. laundry

  2. vacuum 2nd floor

  3. clean tubs & shower

  4. clean bathroom mirrors

  5. do daily chores

  6. run errands

  7. clean out purse

And for 3 - Do something. Today we are to clean up our living room. Here are the before pictures.

The living room wasn't too bad. Its important to my husband to have that room clutter free, so all I did was straighten up, dust, and vacuum. Here's the after:

So, there it is, day 2 of the challenge. This is exciting! Making my home a haven for my family has really been on my heart recently and I so appreciate Crystal for taking the time to put together these challenges. Head on over to Biblical Womanhood to join in!


Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Just wanted to stop over and say thank you for visiting me today!

I love how you have your living room decorated...we do have very similar taste!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous living room! I loved what you did to decorate it.


Patty said...

Oh so pretty ! I love how cozy and haven like your home is

Taya said...

Your living room is so cozy looking! I love your Christmas tree! I can't wait until I have room for a full sized tree! Great job today!

Toughnoodles said...

I love your living room. ;)
god bless