Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wedding Shower

This afternoon I'll be in my youngest sons classroom. His teacher is getting married on Saturday, and I am heading up a surprise bridal shower from the kids for her. We are having the kids each bring her a Christmas ornament. S made this one for her. I think it turned out quite cute!

Here's S being his typical hammy self!

I am hoping that all goes well. I'm not sure if she has any idea about this. It is quite hard to get a group of 23 8yo's to keep a secret! The school secretary is going to call the teacher to the office during afternoon recess so a few other moms and I can set up for the party. We are serving cookies and juice, and have a few games planned, and I made up an activity packet in case we run out of things to do.

Anyway, I will let you know later how it all went!

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Misty said...

What a really great idea! I love it!!