Monday, December 31, 2007

A Quiet New Year

We are planning on a very quiet New Years Eve at our house. The three older kids will be at a lock-in with their Campus Life group, so it will just be me, my husband and S at home. I am so glad the older kids have somewhere safe to go with people I trust, and they won't be driving home until the morning.

For dinner we are just going to throw a couple of frozen pizzas in the oven, and watch a movie with S. Maybe we'll play some board games. (Have I said that my husband and I are two of the most boring people you'll ever want to meet? Well now you know.) We will watch the New Year festivities in New York on TV and will be off to sleep by 11:05 our time. See, we are boring. It's a good thing we both like it that way.

What are your plans for New Years Eve?


Tracy said...

HAppy New Year!

Lib said...

Happy new yr. to you and yours.
I guess if ya'll are boring ,we are too.Lol We don't go out on New Yrs. eve. Sometimes we're awake most of the time we're not.
Hope 2008 brings ya'll a Great yr.
Blessins', Lib