Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy New Year! We had, as predicted, a very quiet New Years Eve. The older kids went to their lock-in around 7:30. I tried to work my way through my huge basket of magazines, cutting out new recipes and craft and decorating ideas. I'm only about half way through. My husband read. Had this conversation with S:

Me - Lets watch Ratatouille

S - OK, that's like number 14 on my list of top 20 movies!

Me- You made a list?

S - No.

Me - Huh?

Watched half of Ratatouille. We watched the ball drop in New York and had lights out at 11:01. (told ya we were boring) S slept in our room. He was talking in his sleep. He said "the monkey's potato."

All in all it was a great New Years.

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