Saturday, January 26, 2008

Adam Sandler - Lunch Lady

I am off to spend the day at my daughters High School. It is their Show Choir Invitational today and I'm signed up to volunteer from 10:30 - 5:30. The first three hours my job will be to stand at the door that the performers use to get back stage and make sure that nobody enters or exits during a performance. The note on the bottom of the instruction sheet they sent me says "We like to open outside doors to let fresh air into gym. It gets chilly so bring your coat" It is currently 20 degrees and snowing here. Doesn't that sound enjoyable? (note to self: wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes.) At 1:30 I move over to the cafeteria. Yes, I get to work in the kitchen! Do you suppose I'll get to wear a hairnet?
Now I really don't mind all this. Our school has such a fantastic Show Choir program, and my daughter just loves being a part of it. It's honestly her whole life, and all her friends are involved too. But the kicker for me today is that my Almamater, the High School that I graduated from almost 25 years ago (yikes! I can't possibly be that old!) is coming to this competition. I have lost touch with all my old high school friends, but what are the odds that someone that I knew in school will be there with their kids? And there I'll be, 42 years old, having gained more weight than I care to think about, and wearing a hair net.Perhaps they'll just think I'm the lunch lady.

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Misty said...

Wow... 25 years... thats so cool that your it's the same school!

Who could not love Adam Sandler singing anything. LOL...

I hope it proves to be a great day for your adventure!