Thursday, January 31, 2008

Warning - Small Rant Ahead

OK. What is it with Wisconsin that they can't salt the roads when they are icy?!?!? Do you remember this post? That was Tuesday night. It is now Thursday morning and all that ice is still on the roads!

My two older kids left early for school this morning because Thursdays are early show choir practice. They went to pick up one of K's friends on the way. Before they got to her house, they were turning a corner and they slid and ended up in a ditch! And they have a four-wheel drive vehicle!

You should see the difference between the roads in Illinois and in Wisconsin. If you are driving on the highway in Illinois during a snow storm, there will be plows out plowing and salting the roads. Once you cross the border into Wisconsin that ends. Then you can start counting how many cars and trucks are in the ditch. Last time this happened (just last friday) on a stretch of highway that takes only 15 minutes to drive, we saw atleast 5 cars in the ditch. In Illinois ZERO cars in the ditch. In Wisconsin FIVE!

Fortunately, K's friends dad was able to help the kids out of the ditch and all is well. But I can't help thinking how much worse this could have been.

End of rant.

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Misty said...

that is what Michigan is like too. Blue salt out, everywhere... Not good for the cars, but after an unseasonably severe (by Idaho standards) winter here in Idaho- I miss the salt. These roads without it, are horrible.