Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Coolest Thing You Can Do In A Minivan

Yesterday I ran a few errands around town. The roads were slippery because it had snowed the night before and our town didn't see the need to actually plow or salt the streets. So I was driving along and came to a curve in the road. I guess I was driving a little too fast, because I started to skid. I then started to panic and obviously did all the wrong things because I ended up spinning out. I spun 1 1/2 times completely around and by the time I stopped, I was facing the wrong way on the street.

Fortunately, the two cars behind me were wise enough to be driving slowly, so they were able to stop and watch the crazy lady in the spinning red minivan. I hope they were entertained. I then turned the van around and sheepishly drove home at about 10 mph.

When I told my K what happened she was very sympathetic. But when I told the boys they thought it was awesome. J figured out that I had done a 540 degree turn. I guess to a teenage boy that's about the only cool thing you can do in a minivan.

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