Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Family Traditions - The List

Our family has many traditions. Tree Day, Family Breakfast, and Celebrating The Teen Years are just some of our many fun (and a few downright silly) traditions.

One of the traditions we have is called The List. In our family we have had more than our share of picky eaters. (Thankfully my two older teens have grown out of this and have turned into great eaters) One of the things we did to get the kids to eat what I prepare for dinner was to let each child have their own list of two foods that they don't like. If I make something for dinner that is on one of the kids lists, that child doesn't have to eat that food. Now, the beauty of this system is that whenever the kids don't want to eat something, all I have to say is "is this food on your list?" and if it isn't, they have to eat it. If the food is on their list, they will usually eat either a piece of fruit or pb&j or, if I'm being a really bad and lazy mom, a bowl of cereal.

The kids lists are currently as follows:

  • J - He has nothing on his list. He'll eat anything.
  • K - Sausage Gravy and Polish Sausage. I guess the girl just doesn't like sausage.
  • A - Swedish Pancakes and Enchiladas
  • S - Carmen Chicken and Polish Sausage

The kids can change the foods on their list when we have our family meeting each month (I will be posting about our family meetings soon) We have been using The List for over ten years now, and our kids have really enjoyed having that little bit of control over what they eat. I enjoy the fact that they can't argue with me about eating something they don't like if it's not on their list!

Since we enjoy the traditions in our family so much, I will from time to time be sharing some of our favorite traditions with you! What are some of your family traditions? Leave a comment and share some of your favorite traditions!

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