Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's Raining and My Head Hurts

It feels like spring here in southern Wisconsin. Well, not like budding trees and blooming daffodils spring, more like damp, yucky, muddy, raining, foggy spring. It was 58 degrees yesterday and we had a tornado warning. In January. In Wisconsin.

The biggest problem for me with this kind of weather is the headaches. I get a headache whenever there is any kind of storm coming through. This time it started Sunday night and is still going strong. I have tried every pain medication known to man, and nothing will knock this baby out.

I have heard that some people's arthritis flares up before and during storms, but for me it's headaches. Does anyone else get any weird physical symptoms during storms?


Karen said...

We are expecting the storms today. (Oh joy!) I can usually tell that a storm is coming because of the type of headache I get. Plus my sinuses start to act up. My husband and daughter both ache more (he has two titanium hips and she has a lovely rod in her back) during this kind of weather. I suppose the up side is that I know when I need to carry an umbrella.

Misty said...

my head acts like a barometric needle too! Just reading about your weather made me feel nauseated... hang in there!!!

Liz said...

Same weather here in northern Indiana. Yesterday was downright balmy! It was a little bizarre. We had a tornado watch, as well. Very strange winter we're having.