Monday, January 7, 2008

Pleasing My Husband

My husband is a pretty easy going guy. He really doesn't complain much, even when he comes home to a messy house, no dinner made, and no clean laundry.

This weekend I decided as part of my New Start in life, to clean up the clutter in the house. Now a lot of this involved some rearranging of furniture and other stuff. (This, he thinks is a little weird. Anyone else like to rearrange furniture every once in a while? I think its fun, but he thinks it's an odd thing to do) I did pretty well clearing up the clutter, just don't look in my basement because that's where a lot of it is piled.

This morning my husband kept on saying how nice it is to wake up to a clean bedroom. So while he doesn't complain when it is (usually) messy, he really appreciates it when it's clean.

Maybe keeping our room clutter free is the least I could do for such a great guy.


Misty said...

it's nice that he doesn't complain. My hubby doesn't complain, but he shows when things piling up or remaining undone are starting to get to him... ugh.

but we all love it when things are clean and uncluttered so I wonder why it's so hard to keep them that way?

Tracy said...

I used to rearrange furniture alot! Not so much now. My theory? (and this MAY be wrong) If you are happy with your home, you tend to rearrange less.When we were in much smaller quarters, it seemed as if I was constantly trying different things to make things appear more spacious. I don't have to do that anymore. YEA!

What a great hubby. Yep, try to keep your room clean for him.

Karen said...

My husband doesn't get the whole "rearrange the furniture" thing either. But honestly, it's the only way all the dust bunnies go to meet their maker. I love it that Josh doesn't complain about the "occasional" messiness of the house either. I am blessed and it does make me want to try harder...for a little bit anyway. Sounds like a great way to have a New Start.

Sophia said...

Before I got married, I think I rearranged the furniture in my apartment once a month. Seriously - I love to experiment!

Now that I'm married, though, we arrange it once and that's pretty much it. (I married one of those people who can't stand change.)

It was a hard adjustment, but I think I've made it.

You know that one of the laws of thermodynamics states that everything tends to disorder, right? :) I keep telling my husband that when he says about things getting messy around our house.