Monday, January 28, 2008

I Miss My Sweetie!

My husband left last night for a business trip to Europe.

I miss him.


Misty said...

my husband comes home next wee and we start a new chapter in our lives! After 7 years of his job taking him everywhere, 3 weeks out of every month- now he stays home!!!

how long is he gone? I will be thinking of you!

Momala said...

He will be gone 9 days. He just started a new job in November and this is his 3rd trip away. His first two trips were to Mexico (but not fun beachy Mexico, more central Mexico) He hardly traveled at all at his last job. But all in all this is a much better job and he is much happier.

That's exciting that your husband will be home now!

Mom2fur said...

Hope he has a safe and productive journey!
Thanks for visiting my blog--hope you come again!

Kim said...

A heads up - you do not have your email turned on in your profile, so any giveaways you may have entered, including mine, will not be able to reach you if you win - that would be awful! Pop back to site and email me your email so I can update it in case you win.

margalit said...

What a great giveaway!