Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Pictures and an FYI

I did some thrifting last week and found these:

The cutest red phone ever, a package of sharpies, and a Waverly tablecloth and 8 napkins. Grand total was $20!

My daughter with the largest potato ever found.
It's almost as big as her head.

FYI, where to hide the last Diet Coke in the house.

They will never find it.


Karen said...

You're not the only one to hide things in the vegetables. (Except my stuff is usually a lot more fattening!)

Misty said...

you are a bargain shopper! is that a pottery barn phone? the origional grand phone? if not, it is a GREAT replica!

Momala said...

Karen, this isn't my only hiding place! I have plenty of more fattening stuff stashed away!

Misty, I think it is a Pottery Barn phone. It says "Grand Phone" on the base. It was $5 at Goodwill!

Mom2fur said...

You're really funny, hiding your coke in the vegetable drawer! And that red phone is awesome!