Friday, January 4, 2008

Can I Have A New New Start?

Well, I feel like an enormous failure today. After yesterdays post I was all gung-ho and had plans for getting something done today. And I have essentially done nothing on my list except the breakfast dishes and go buy milk and bread (and a few other things that totalled $35 I wasn't planning on spending)

Lets see, the day started out alright. I got up and did my devotions, made breakfast for the family, Then I got sidetracked reading blogs until it was time to put S on the bus. Note that I hadn't done the breakfast dishes yet. We wait for the bus at my neighbors house at 8:00, so after the kids got on the bus, she asked me in for coffee. Well, I'm not one to turn down coffee and a chat with her, that would be rude. So I didn't get back home until 9:15. Then of course I had to take a shower (no, I am not the most attractive mom putting the kid on the bus, but its a good thing my neighbor still likes me) Then I had to run out to Target because my daughter told me at 9:00 last night that she is out of deodorant. Please note again that I still haven't done the dishes. After Target I stopped at Goodwill because you just never know what you might find at Goodwill. ( I did get some great deals, will post about that later:) ) After wandering around Goodwill, I went to the grocery store where, as I said, I bought much more than was on my list. Now, they say you should never go to the grocery store hungry, but I say you should never drive anywhere near a Taco John's hungry. I couldn't resist the urge to drive-thru and get me some Ole`s. And darn it if they weren't cold when I got home. By now it was 12:30. After I ate, I had to go read some more blogs of course. Then, horror of horrors, our cable, Internet, and phone went out. I felt like I had lost a limb. I might as well tell you that this may be the only reason I got my breakfast dishes done. Oh, and I made the bed too. Then I took some pictures of my Goodwill finds, only I couldn't figure out how to hook the camera up to the computer. By the time I was done playing with the camera, the Internet was back up so I of course had to check out blogs again. Then I got a call from another friend who invited me to a girls night at her house tonight, to which I responded "heck yea". But of course, I had to run out and buy some snacks to bring to girls night because I can't show up empty handed. I also picked up a few toys for the dog. When I got home I played with the dog. By then it was 2:45. Time to go pick up my oldest son from school because my daughter was staying after school and needed their car. Since I got home, I have chatted with the boys about their day, and had a snack. Then I decided to write this post, which is turning out to be just a long, boring ramble.

So, there you have it. An enormous failure. Am I not the most unorganized, undisciplined person ever? I sure feel like I am.


Karen said...

No, you are not the most horrible undisciplined person ever. You were socializing with a neighbor who probably needed a friend. You were being a good mom by running an errand for your daughter. You were being a responsible mom by going to the grocery so no one would starve. You were being a thrifty woman by checking at Good Will to see if they had any bargains. You were a kind and loving mom by playing with the dog. (Aren't dogs children too?) You were being a considerate and involved mom by talking with the boys about their day. It's all in the words you use to describe it. In all seriousness, you are probably being too hard on yourself. Some days are just better than others. Or more productive than others. After all,there's always tomorrow. And if there isn't a tomorrow, then aren't you glad you spent time doing things for others rather than doing all those boring icky chores? (Now ask me what I got done today. On second thought, don't ask.)

Momala said...


Thanks so much for the kind comment. I really needed it! My husband said more or less the same thing when I told him about my day and how bad I felt. I didn't end up going out with my friends tonight. I just stayed home and spent some much needed quality time with my husband. He works really long hours and I didn't want to go out on the one night he was going to be home! Thanks again! Bloggy friends are great!
And I do consider the dog to be my "baby".