Saturday, January 12, 2008

Show Choir Season Has Begun So We're Going To Disney World

This morning I was up at 4:30am. I had to wake up my daughter and feed her breakfast before she left to go to her first show choir competition of the season. The nice part was that I didn't have to drive her to school since she now has her drivers license. The bad part is she will be driving home when they finally get back from the competition. If they make the finals, this could be way after midnight, and the tradition for the kids is to go eat at Perkins after every competition, so who knows what time she'll get home.

My husband, two younger boys and I will be heading up to Madison for lunch (our favorite Gyro place, YUM!) and then we will go to the competition to watch her group perform.

This is the beginning of a very busy few months for our family. K has competitions almost every weekend for the next 3 months. And, their group is also going to be performing at Disney World in March! We try to go to as many of the competitions as we can, and we will be going to Disney World too. We are so excited! We haven't been to Disney World for over 9 years, and S has never been at all. I was pregnant with S the last time we went, but he doesn't seem to think that counts.

I'll try to post some pictures of her later today.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning!!!!I found your blog through my friend, Lisa Writes....nice to meet you!!!

Yes, just this weekend, as my son participated in a final marathon rehearsal, I was lamenting to my husband that we needed vitamins...this is our frist year in Show Choir - my husband and I are attempting to get into the swing of being gone every weekend and trying to decide if we can afford to go every weekend...I will be praying for you and your family as you face a new competition season....our first will be in Ellisville, MS the last Saturday of this's to lots of singing and dancing!!!!!!Take Care..

Albertville, AL

Momala said...

Thanks for the comment! This is our 3rd year in Show Choir. We try to go to competitions when we can, but you're right, it does get expensive! We also have 3 other kids with activities of their own, so sometimes it doesn't work out for us to go. But we are all looking forward to Disney!

Anonymous said...

Momala....we will be traveling to Piqua, OH on Feb 1....will your daughter be participating in that competition? ...just wondering, I didn't know how far you traveled?

I hope you have a blast in Disney
World...I wish that we were going there....we will be traveling to Branson in the Spring for a competition there....


Momala said...

We won't be participating in that competition. This year, besides Disney World, we are only competing in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.